Wednesday 7 August 2019

Rattling through the month

Well, here we are, at the end of the first week of August. Having just reviewed blogging progress since the end of our holiday in June, I will need to whistle through July smartish if I want to keep things topical nature-wise!

There are three trips which lend themselves to having their own post, which will follow in due course, but here is a quick rattle through some of the more random July images: 

Cropped image of a photo from the front door. I will have to figure out a way to label all the different elements in this picture, so you may see it again in the future

First Born came to visit. Here we are in the Kirkjuvagr Distillery cafe (drinking coffee)

Guillemots with chicks, Marwick Head

Kittiwakes with chicks, Marwick Head

1001 uses for an old pallet: Number 763, Purple portal, Stromness

A haar sitting in the middle of Scapa Flow

A female Blue-tailed Damselfly, pink form, at Hoxa quarry

A female Blue-tailed Damselfly, purple form, at Hoxa quarry

A male Blue-tailed Damselfly, at Hoxa quarry

A Harvestman sunning itself on a warm piece of wood, Tense Towers

Harvestman close-up, Tense Towers

A Magpie moth. possibly egg-laying, Russadale
Experts think this may be the caterpillar of a species of Pug moth, Russadale

The flare at the Flotta oil terminal reflecting on the waters of Scapa Flow

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