Tense Towers

They say that every man's home is his castle.

In my quiet backwater of the blogosphere, that would be Tense Towers.

Please see here for further explanation.

Orcadian Tense Towers (OTT), 2014 - present

And the original Tense Towers, 2002 - 2013

Update December 2013: Now that we have moved lock, stock and barrel to Orkney, the debate is raging long and hard as to whether Tense Towers was actually a house in Milton Keynes (whose garden is pictured above), or is it wherever Our Lass and I are currently living?

Or even possibly just a place in my head?

Update May 2014: Earlier this year, we settled into a new home in the parish of Holm on Orkney. I extend my profound gratitude to Captain Sundial for the inspired choice of OTT as the new name for the global headquarters of Imperfect and Tense.