Thursday 31 January 2013

Thursday's threesome solution

And so to the answers to the question posed on Tuesday...

Face 1

The Child Catcher (played by Australian ballet dancer, Sir Robert Helpmann, in the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

Favourite colour: Black;

Mode of transport: Horse drawn caravan (with metal bars);

Politics: The Child Catcher operated a fairly strict regime. Class sizes were limited only by the size of the dungeon.

Face 2

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Favourite colour: Blue;

Mode of transport: Reputedly a bicycle, but occasionally someone else's horse;

Politics: Perhaps not as far to the right as the first gentleman, but his government are introducing proposals on nursery numbers to cut costs.

Face 3

Michael Schumacher, seven times Formula 1 world champion driver.

Favourite colour: The majority of his world championships were won in Red;

Mode of transport: Ferrari F1 car;

Politics: Occasional sudden shifts to the right (Benetton 1994,  Ferrari 1997).

Now that my Foot It campaign is over, I may return to normal blogging.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Tuesday's tricky trio

"There's no connection between the people in these three cropped photographs."

Or so it says in the statement that my legal representatives have sent me. Any resemblances or notional similarities, whether in looks or any other characteristic or lifestyle choice, are purely coincidental.

So, from left to right, who are these feisty faces?

That wasn't a clue, by the way.

Saturday 19 January 2013

An "Oh... My... God..." bird

Think Friends.

Think Chandler's on-again, off-again girlfriend in the first few seasons.

Think Janice (Litman Goralnick, née Hosenstein), played by Maggie Wheeler.

Photo courtesy of
No, I didn't mean her.

In fact, this could be more described as an OMFG bird.

Our Lass and I were having lunch at home, when all the birds on our feeders suddenly took to the air in alarm.

Neighbour's cat?




Woodpigeons having a handbag moment?


With soup spoon halfway to my mouth, I registered that every bird in the neighbourhood had also taken to the air.

No fireworks, no shotgun blast, no explosion. Hmmm.

When Jackdaws, Carrion Crows and Gulls take wing in fright, it's something major.

Scanning the sky, I spotted several crows harassing a larger bird, and as realisation dawned, there was suddenly soup and bread crumbs everywhere.

We raced upstairs for a better view, Our Lass to the window, me towards my camera kit. Damn, the small lens was still fitted. Trailing caps, covers and bags, I hurried to the window whilst attaching a larger lens and watched as a Red Kite swooped and dived into the garden of a house several plots away.

Seen through the branches of the Ash tree in our neighbour's garden
Crow in hot pursuit!
It rather begs the question, "What the heck are they putting on their bird table?!"

Sunday 6 January 2013

Little things...

Sorry, but this report from the BBC News website did make me chuckle...

"An inflatable zeppelin used by Buckinghamshire protestors to show the height of a planned wind turbine has been blown away in strong gusts.
Campaigners gathered at the site in Ford, near Aylesbury to release the airship-shaped "blimp" to the turbine's 99m height.
They had previously said one of the reasons they opposed the turbine was the lack of wind to power it."
OK, so we're not supposed to be at home to Mr Schadenfreude.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Football News

Today, at the Riverside, Middlesbrough hosted non-league Hastings United in the third round of the FA Cup.

Ian Dennis, the Senior Football Reporter for BBC Radio 5 Live tweeted...

Hastings away support is 1068. If only 2 had not made it!!@Iandennisbbc 52 minutes ago


Oh, and we won 4-1, which makes a nice change, eh?