Tuesday 14 July 2020

Light and shade

One evening last week produced some wonderful ephemeral skies and nice lighting effects.

Thankfully, the good folk of Rackwick Bay on the west side of Hoy were not repeating any Bikini Atoll tests, but it did look like it.

Late evening, the sun was hidden behind a thick bank of cloud, with just a thin sliver of light at the horizon and a few cloud tops tinged pink.

But towards sunset, the light intensity ramped up again, but from a very shallow angle. This was enough to drag me away from The Art of Persia on iPlayer, and even stand on a garden chair to see over the wire fence of the field across the road. Sadly, this was too much human for a flock of Curlews to suffer and they wandered off to the other side of the field. A lone Lapwing remained to give some scale to the lines in the recently-mown pasture.

And then it was sunset...

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