Sunday 19 July 2020

In the thrall of the squall

There I was, sat in bed this morning, adding dragonfly records from a Hoy trip to an Excel spreadsheet, when I glanced up and out of the window.

Whoa! Incoming rainbow! There then ensued a scramble for a camera, a dash to the front door and a quick check that I was sufficiently clothed before I opened it.

A couple of Rock Doves flew through the frame, hoping for world peace, free love and tolerance of sexuality.

The sun glinted off the windows of a car crossing Churchill Barrier 1, as I zoomed into the diffuse colours at the base of the rainbow.

But the approaching shower was darkening the sky, giving a more moody feel to the morning.

With less light, a second rainbow became just visible.

And as the shower started to launch raindrops onto my camera lens (and bare knees), the bow touched down at the other end of the arc.


SharonLarkin said...

How lovely! Did you hear the rain when it came clattering down about midnight last night?? I was just on my way up to bed ~ needless to say, it didn't disturb the hubster, he just kept on snoring LOL

Mark said...

Rainbow rising...Nothing like a rainbow to capture ones imagination.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Hi Sharon, the rain passed me by, as I too was in the land of Nod.

Mark, I posted these photos to the local Facebook group for all things sky and had a reply of "Rising, down to earth or bent out of shape?"