Wednesday 5 March 2014

Ups and downs

Still no news, neither good nor bad, on the landline or broadband. I've been promised an update tomorrow. So, whilst I wait at home for the plumber to arrive to fix a dodgy valve, here's a post from my phone, courtesy of an intermittent 3G signal... Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

However, Mother Nature has been keeping me upbeat. At the weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday evenings, a Hare was grazing in the field across the road. Yesterday saw the first sighting from the lounge of an Oystercatcher (and they were rather vocal at 05.30 this morning). Then, just after lunch today, a ring-tailed Hen Harrier flew over the field, another lounge first.

This latter event prompted the beginning of a garden list, which with the addition of the harrier, sits at 26 species. Admittedly, in previous Winters, we could see that many species in the garden of Tense Towers in a week, but that list wouldn't feature a harrier or a Pink-footed Goose.

At the weekend, whilst on a pleasant stroll, we spotted a Merlin a few hundred yards from the house. This probably explains the furtive nature of our local Robin!


Tales of a Bank Vole said...

Don't get too excited re your imminent communication break through, because when the seditious Scots vote to cut the umbilical cord, you will all be back on two cocoa tins and a piece of string. :0).

PS at HESC in the last week you could have seen three otters and a bittern!

Imperfect and Tense said...

I wasn't going to mention all the otters up here, didn't want to upset you :o)

I'm glad to hear that the Bittern has put in an appearance.

There were unconfirmed reports of the sighting of a BT van today. Sounds like a job for the Rarities Commitee!