Sunday 16 March 2014

Ploughing a colourful furrow

This is probably a sweeping generalisation, a lazy stereotypical swipe and a move guaranteed to drop me deep in the matrimonial mire...

I have long felt that when we choose a replacement car, Our Lass never worries about the make, the model, miles per gallon, engine size, resale value or even insurance group. She may fleetingly wonder about handbag storage, but only ever, ever, ever really considers colour.

To her credit, Our Lass takes my chromatic joshing in good spirit, so there's no great er... hue and cry. However, since moving to Orkney, this theory has taken on a life of its own.

As part of her job, she visits clients in their homes, which in Orkney is often the family farm. There has been an unlikely spin off from this. Through the toys of the many children she meets, Our Lass now knows some of the tractor manufacturers who grace the UK market... by colour.

Massey Ferguson = Red
JCB = Yellow
John Deere = Green
New Holland = Blue

Will there be pressure on me to find room on our drive for one of these vehicles? That would raise a few environmental concerns. Does that make me a Rainbow Worrier?

1 comment:

Martin said...

I think it more likely you will end up doing the classic family car-swap, whereby she takes the 4x4 to work, and you are left with the little colourful run-around. I doubt she would cope with the lack of acceleration in a tractor of any make or model after driving for a while in Milton Keynes.
Either way, the wee-voiture probably rates fairly well in all the above categories, compared to many small cars and most large ones. Additionally, legroom is not too bad, and only luggage space a little lacking. (I still miss my blue tardis - aka Skye.)