Friday 7 March 2014


Mid morning, Our Lass hollered from the kitchen, "Come and have a look at this!"
As there were no discernible baking aromas, I was a bit nonplussed.

Making my way to the kitchen door, I saw that my better half was stood gazing out of the window, so presumed that she had spotted some wildlife in the garden.

"Ah, I'll need my specs," I said, turning towards the lounge to collect them.

"You won't need them for this," she replied.

Eh? What animal or bird could this be? It must be large!
Otter? White-tailed Eagle? Velociraptor? 

Rushing to join her, I scanned the view until I spotted a very rare species in these parts. At least, rare of late. A BT van!

The local engineer was scoping out what work was required and politely declined our offer of a hot brew. Over the course of the next few hours, in the teeth of a westerly gale and horizontal driving hail, he proceeded to connect our land line and broadband. Big respect to the guy, it wasn't the weather for working outside. 

So, yes, here is my inaugural blogpost from TT2 (I really must come up with a more imaginative name than that).