Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Visible migration... not

We were late leaving work this evening... don't ask. To make matters worse, Ruth needed to leave on time so that she could get to a gig.

So there we were, careening along the country roads, when daughter says,

"Ooo, what was that?"

Dad: "What was what? I didn't see anything."

Ruth: "There was a small bird at the side of the road. It flew up into a bush as we passed."

Dad: "Nope, sorry, missed that. What did it look like?"

Ruth: "Red at the front with a black head."

Dad: "Sure it wasn't a Chaffinch?"

Ruth: "Not a Chaffinch. Brighter than that."

Dad: "Probably a Robin with a hat on, then."

Ruth: "Yeah, it did look a bit like that."

Dad, with dawning realisation: "You've just seen a male Redstart!"

Ruth: "Cool!"

Dad: "I. Have. Never. Seen. A. Male. Redstart."

Ruth: "Oh!"

Dad: "*%$£*^#!!"

On arriving home, we went straight to the ID book. It wasn't a Chaffinch or a Robin with a hat on, or a Stonechat, it was a Redstart. A male one.

Sigh :o(

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