Monday 17 May 2010

Going for a song

A pleasant evening for a stroll.

As we headed off along the old canal towpath, a pair of Wood Pigeons sat on a neighbour's roof, billing and cooing, in a display of avian romance with only one small downside. Potentially more Wood Pigeons.

Once at Linford Lakes, we witnessed a Barn Owl hunting over grassland near the Grand Union canal, effortlessly gliding across the pasture before diving between the tussocks.

Despite the lack of roosting odos, after sunset we spotted a Hobby hawking for insects over one of the lakes. Wader numbers peaked at one Oystercatcher and one Lapwing.

On the walk home, just before a main road, our ears detected a sweet sound in the gaps between the roar of passing traffic. From the bushes on the roadside verge, a Nightingale sang for all his worth. Taking on all comers, be they cars, vans, motorcycles or even other male Nightingales.

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