Sunday 3 May 2020

"Five and Six..."

Whilst working in the garden during lockdown, I have been much more aware of sounds from the surrounding area. One of the more pleasant of these is the bleating of lambs in neighbouring fields. During a recent episode of our daily permitted exercise, this excited bunch of nascent energy paused long enough for me to take a photograph.

Lambingo, anyone?

Down by the shore, I had just remarked that I couldn't hear any terns calling, so the Sandwiches must have moved on, when a different call reached our ears.

A pair of Common Terns flew in and perched on a rock just offshore. It was early on a pleasant Saturday morning, so perhaps inevitably, given that it is Spring, things quickly escalated on the salacious front. Please forgive me for this blatant use of pornithology.

The male tern wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box, remaining stood on the female's back for ages afterwards, until she finally ran out of patience with him and hoicked him off. 

Him: The view from up here is amazing! Her: OK, you've had your tern.

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