Saturday 2 May 2020

Corenvirons-20, Part 6

I often mention Greenwall on this blog, either as the road of that name or the eponymous house to which it leads. If we're walking around the kirk loop in a clockwise direction, we travel along the former in an easterly direction until we reach the latter.

Local word is that the house is the oldest continually occupied home in Orkney, having being lived in by one family or another since the 17th Century. The house in its current form dates from 1656 (though with later alterations) when Patrick Graham, son of Bishop George Graham, built his mansion. However, an earlier property on the site had been acquired from the Sinclair family in 1646, and history books mention a grange of Greenwall dating to at least the 15th Century.

As is standard for this blog series, here's a map view from 1882:

Really keen readers may recognise the name 'Netherbow' from a Stuff On My Phone post of several years ago.

And here's the property today (well, several days ago, when the sky was much bluer than it is today).

Corenvirons-20 data

Target: Greenwall
Location: HY514013
Distance from Tense Towers (as the dragon flies): 1.25km
Hazards: Tractors careening to and fro along Greenwall Road
Mission accomplished?: Yes
Comments: Just look at those crow steps!


Mark said...

I was just thinking, 1656, Oliver Cromwell was dictator at that time. A turbulent period. Enjoyed reading.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Funnily enough, in 1651, Cromwell laid siege to the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, damaging the building. Afterwards, his troops used the building as barracks and stables.

Martin said...

I know there are different phrases up on the islands, but do tractors careen on a road? I associate that with scraping barnacles from the hull of a boat...

Imperfect and Tense said...

Martin, my bad, apparently, it's a North Americanism. Go figure. 😊