Saturday 13 April 2019

Editor's choice

I'm afraid that I have spent the afternoon procrastinating, looking back through time to 2009, to come up with a retrospective decadal list of one blogpost per year. Some are happy, some are sad. Most contain more emotion than I anticipated revealing when I began writing them. They are mainly about wildlife (not so unexpected) and cake (ditto), but also feature a eulogy (one of several through the years) and a treatise on the duality of character of the author (we're still arguing about that one).

To keep things simple, I haven't curated them into any particular order, other than presenting them chronologically. Over the course of the ten years, some things have changed. For instance, MGLW (my good lady wife) in the early days, is now Our Lass, same long-suffering person, different appellation. But on the whole, for better or worse, I don't think my writing style has changed very much. Hmmm, that does hint at a certain lack of progress, doesn't it?

So, here they are, a brief perambulation through a decade of Imperfect and Tense:

2009 - When the prose was more sugary than the cake

2010 - An insect blogpost that nearly doesn't mention dragons

2011 - A typographically-challenging insect

2012 - "The bells... the bells!"

2013 - Moving swiftly on

2014 - Cake

2015 - "A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."

2016 - Dragons as a religion

2017 - It's a calling

2018 - Self-improvement

Several favourites didn't quite make the cut, so you have been spared the music/Land Rover extravaganza that was Disco no more, the revelatory Life of Pi, and the classic wildlife and cakefest that was Food for the soul.

I know, I know, that makes thirteen.


Mark said...

Happy anniversary!

Imperfect and Tense said...

And Congratulations to Lincoln City!

Mark said...

Yes, good times at Sincil Bank.