Wednesday 3 April 2019

Tense rolls out the 'serendipitous' word... again.

Of late, work topics have crept into the blog, mainly, it has to be said, as that's where I happen to be when I see some particular facet of natural history or a photogenic bit of landscape. But is it ok to talk about work on a blog that purports to be about wildlife and cake? I mean, it'd be a legitimate topic if I was Mary Berry (cake) or David Attenborough (wildlife) or Chris Packham (cake and wildlife... aw, c'mon, you've seen enough Watches by now to know it's a thing).

Perhaps contrary to the available evidence, I do actually worry about this type of stuff. One wouldn't want to be seen as overtly commercial, or to be peak geek about the wrong topic.

It's a conundrum, right enough. Should I, or shouldn't I?

Today, however, there was a [drum roll... here it comes...] serendipitous moment when my work/life balance worlds collided (Astronomical note: if actual worlds actually collided, I freely admit that it wouldn't be the happy occasion suggested by the 's' word).

There I was talking technical stuff about phones and internet and what have you, when the potential client asked "Do you write the dragonfly blog?" As it's not the flight season, and I hadn't written much in the way of dragons recently, I initially assumed that it must be some other blog, so said "'No." But then, a few minutes later, potential client's partner asked the same question and I thought, hang on, do I project an odonatalogical aura?!

Enquiring as to which specific blog was being talked about, I was stunned to be told that it was Imperfect and Tense, and how much they enjoyed reading it. Well, you could've knocked me down with a feather! I&T doesn't have a wide readership, so to meet someone out of the blue who knows it exists, never mind appreciates it, was just mind-blowing.

My day was well and truly made.

Mr and Mrs B, this one's for you.


Mark said...

You're maybe like myself, I have blogfans everywhere - I can't even walk down Lincoln High Street these days. When I go to Waitrose I get out the car and wave to everybody like Prem Footballers do. Seriously your work with Dragonflies is amazing, my favourite was the 'eyes' one.

Rebecca smith said...

Well, you’re read in Sydney, Australia. Actually, I often think of you when I am in the swimming pool in our backyard in summer because the dragonflies (usually red ones) swoop lazily around the water all the time. Of course, I never have a camera handy but enjoy watching them as I float around.😁
I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for writing it.

Imperfect and Tense said...


Spadger said...

World wide acclaim and well deserved. I like your blog too because it cheers me up when needed, I enjoy the lovely wildlife you see - even the ones that make me envious*, the situations you find yourself in, the happy colliding of two worlds, keeping up with your news, etc and the list goes on.
*btw - are you sure that white thing wasn't a fertiliser bag?

Imperfect and Tense said...

JD, y'know, it's funny, that is what I said at the time. Without the aid of optics, I would've assumed that the white shape at the bottom of a wire mesh fence was just a plastic bag. But hang on, I haven't blogged about it yet?!