Friday 28 September 2018


A week ago this evening, Our Lass and I went along to the first Orkney Field Club talk of the 2018/19 Winter season, that was all about the wildlife which the speaker, Anne, encountered during a trip to the White Sea coast of Russia. As can be seen by the photo below, this was principally for floral interest, with many Arctic or Alpine species not seen in Orkney (or the UK) growing in profusion during the short Summer at 71 degrees North.

During a brief dry (well, dry-ish) spell at the weekend, we managed a walk along some of the Deerness coast, from Dingie's Howe to Newark Bay. Here's a view of a small secluded cove, although not secluded enough to prevent someone from dumping a load of garden waste over the cliff. Mainly New Zealand Flax, by the look of it. 

And here's a the view looking back to Dingie's Howe, a thin strip of land which is mainly sand dune, but which is all that prevents Deerness from being an island.

One day in the week, I happened to look out of the window and saw a rare sky phenomenon for Orkney. We don't, thankfully, experience many con trails up here. We prefer our big skies to look untainted by the hand of humanity.

I'm not sure what this weekend will bring, other than plenty of rain and wind, so I might have to work quite hard for any wildlife moments.


Coastal Ripples said...

Intriguing to think you have very few con trails. Lucky people. The clarity of the colours is stunning. Such a beautiful part of the British Isles. Happy critter spotting this weekend. I’m off to my butterfly field after an absence. Not sure what I’ll find. B

Imperfect and Tense said...

We spend way too much time staring at the sky, but it's worth it, although I think blue will be a rare commodity this weekend! Wishing you Good Luck with your transect, but remember, even if there isn't anything of note, it is still useful data.

Anonymous said...

We’re planning a trip up to Orkney 2020 to do the marathon. Your photos show such a beautiful place I’m excited to see it. Hopefully we can manage a cuppa when we do? Good luck with your weather this weekend. Bright skies and sunshine here!

Imperfect and Tense said...

That'll be grand. Kettle on standby! If we can help with anything, just give us a shout.