Saturday 17 September 2016

Up on the roof

Thursday was very foggy. For some places. Other places had bright sunshine.

A Mainland drive from north to south or from east to west produced alternating bands of weather which, despite the breeze, remained in place all day. Weird. The morning saw me on a roof in Stromness. Visibility was across the street and that was about it. I didn't take a photo, but if I had, it would've looked something like this...

Whilst I was taking some readings, a two tone siren sounded from the centre of town. Hmm, over the last three years, since moving from a large city to quiet ruralness, sirens have gone from just another bit of background noise to 'Wtf?'

So I was a little concerned as to what might be happening over in the harbour area that warranted the alarm. My unease ramped up another notch as a second siren wailed out its clamouring cry. Through the shifting grey swirls of fog, I could just make out a diffuse flashing blue light. Then I heard much shouting and screaming which, despite my foreboding, sounded for all the world like excited children.

Hang on a minute, this is likely to be a planned primary school visit by the emergency services, isn't it?


Twenty four hours later and what a difference a day makes. Another rooftop, another part of Orkney. Some grand view, this.

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