Friday 16 September 2016

Less bovver than a hover

Back in the 1980s, an advert from Qualcast, makers of rotary lawn mowers, advised folk that "It was a lot less bovver than a hover". This slogan insinuated that hover mowers, as made by Flymo, were not as easy to use or that they produced inferior results.

Now, this is supposed to be a wildlife blog, so let's get straight down to the nitty gritty.

In Orkney, there are about 50 species of hoverflies, but there are only 8 species of dragonflies and damselflies. I can ID all of the latter and very few of the former, so from my, admittedly biased, point of view, a dragon is a lot less bovver than a hover.

This saliet snippet was of absolutely no use to me the other day, when I arrived at a customer's property a bit earlier than forecast (it was a good day, we were ahead of schedule) and they weren't in. To make good use of the time, whilst waiting for the customer, I was surveying the outside of the property for the best solution, which meant that I had to skirt around the edge of their garden.

It's a lovely garden, still with plenty of colour in it (plus a small water feature, sadly odo-free on this visit).

But it did have loads of other insects...

The waiting wasn't really a chore.

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