Tuesday 27 September 2016

A Monday to like

Due to a low key and lethargic weekend, Monday morning saw me mowing our plot before rains hit later in the week. I was sufficiently awake and alert to notice this wee flower just before it was about to have an urgent meeting with Mr Blades in HR.

Would you look at that?! A Wild Pansy! And not anywhere near my failed wildflower patch. Go figure.

Later in the day, I noticed just how far along the western horizon the setting sun had travelled since the Summer solstice.

In fact, although I framed the sun in different parts of the image, I couldn't fit in the distance travelled in one shot. So the above photo simply shows off Scapa Flow and a distant Hoy at sunset.

Later still and Facebook went nuts, at least locally, as we were treated to a clear evening with a light show courtesy of the Aurora Borealis. Although none of us managed to stay awake until the early hours for the best view, we were able to sample a little of the natural theatre.

Here's the Plough, the aurora and the tail lights of a passing car.

More faint greeny glow and a shooting star.

These were fifteen second exposures, so are probably slightly more vivid compared to as seen with the naked eye.


GretchenJoanna said...

The sky's beauty is large, but being a woman of the earth I do so appreciate the small flower that was given to you. Lovely and lonely but so joyful.

Imperfect and Tense said...

I must admit that I assumed the Wild Pansy was flowering out of season, but the Botanical Half of the Relationship assures me that September is within specified limits. Perhaps there will be more? I hope so.