Monday 1 June 2015

Worts and all

Temporarily forsaking Orkney for the similarly-weathered west coast of Scotland, Our Lass and I are taking a short break to overdose on natural history, gardens and, possibly, cake.

An evening wander along the single track road that passes the front door of the cottage we're staying in, produced a small colony of Round-leaved Sundews, which had Our Lass doing a little jig in the middle of the road. As we made our way back for a well-earned mug of Ovaltine, we stopped to listen to a Sedge Warbler calling from a clump of Gorse and Birch. A Sparrowhawk shot over our heads and, as I turned around to allow my gaze to follow it, I noticed that behind us there was a halo around the sun.

Today, whilst the meteorological runes were not in our favour, we gave up on any hope of finding early odos and simply appreciated some of the local flora growing by the side of a path.

This is Butterwort, an insectivorous plant, which likes to have its cake and eat it, by also being pollinated by insects. Hence the long stalk to the delicate blue flower.

And here's Milkwort, a strikingly blue flowered plant. I'm not sure if this is Common or Heath, but I am certain that I've never seen it growing in such profusion before.

Finally, this is a Lousewort (again, not to species, I'm afraid), and friend.

Oddly, I completely forgot to photograph any of the several clumps of Liverwort that we saw, so perhaps I should've entitled this post 'Worts and nearly all'.

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