Sunday 28 June 2015


Yesterday evening, following a day which consisted of mainly warm sunshine, I kept popping outside to monitor the changing skies.

The photos were just taken with my phone, but provide a simple, if rudimentary, anatomy of the sunset. The air was still, Oystercatchers were calling, responding to perceived threats from predators. Occasionally, a gull would glide slowly across the sky, on its way to roost.

At 22.04 (above), Wideford Hill is aglow.

At 22.22, the sun sets in the north west.

Meanwhile, at 22.33, the western horizon has a bit of a pink cameo.

At 23.05, there's still plenty of colour low down on the horizon.

Just after midnight, looking north, one of the neighbouring farms (Little Hurtiso) is silhouetted against a pale sky. 


Martin said...

I love the after midnight shot. It seems strange that it is into 'tomorrow' and still so light.

Imperfect and Tense said...

It's not often that I see midnight. This one was worth it!