Thursday 4 June 2015

What. A. Day

At the beginning of the month, thanks to Mrs UHDD, I discovered that the Wildlife Trusts were running a project throughout June, to encourage folk to connect with nature. Now, although late to this particular party, I&T thoroughly supports this endeavour and has been contributing to '30 Days Wild' on Facebook.

If I manage to line up all my pixels, today's offering will be this blogpost, as Day 4.

Things got off to a flier, this morning, when a pair of Common Redpolls landed by the roadside outside our rented cottage in Badachro. Seems they were after the Dandelion seed heads for breakfast, which I imagine is a bit like eating muesli along with the contents of your duvet. Still, Mr Redpoll was looking particularly resplendent in his rouge outfit.

Then we were off to Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve, Britain's oldest NNR, for a day of walking and nature watching. First up was the Woodland Walk, a mile's saunter through changing habitats with splendid views of Loch Maree in the distance.

Amongst all the Wood Sorrel, Milkwort and Bluebells was this flower, which I think is Yellow Pimpernel. It's such a striking colour that I doubt that anyone has to try very hard to seek it here or there, not like its Scarlet cousin.

As we climbed higher through the woodland, the air was full of birdsong: Willow Warbler, Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Wren and Robin. There was one other call that I didn't recognise, and it took me a while to track down the source of the song. High up at the top of a dead pine tree, was sat a small bird that looked a bit like a pipit. Now, I've never heard a Tree Pipit before, but this seemed the most likely option (it wasn't sat in a meadow or on a rock). Indeed, when I asked the helpful folk in the reserve's Visitor Centre, they confirmed that my guess was correct.

Further along the path, a movement at our feet resolved itself into this tiny froglet.

In the afternoon, we took another walk in the eastern part of the reserve. Whilst visiting this small pool, I finally started my 2015 dragonfly season by spotting four Large Red Damselflies which had just emerged.

Driving into Kinlochewe for our evening meal, I suddenly noticed a moth clinging to one of the windscreen wipers. When I parked the wipers, it disappeared, but on arriving at our destination, I discovered this Fox Moth sheltering under the rear of the bonnet.

Hey, it's a bit fab when the wildlife comes looking for you!


Anonymous said...

This 30 Wild Days thing is getting me quite fired up, great fun. I sat and watched bats skimming the pond last night, magical.
The moth is particularly handsome.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thanks again for highlighting this project. When we moved north, we cut back on our memberships of a number of wildlife organisations, so the promotion of 30DW had completely passed me by. I'm glad you're enjoying your nature watching, I find that it is nourishment for the soul. I remember bats! None where we are now, so I've lent my detector to a friend, who lives on a small island. If she finds any, I'm hoping she will blog about it :o)

Ruth Walker said...

Look at the little redpoll. It's so cute and fluffy!
Great photo Dad, I would have that one my wall :)

Imperfect and Tense said...

I'm now ruminating over the ID. Redpolls are tricky little blighters. It is cute and fluffy though, and possibly Lesser.