Saturday, 28 March 2015

To the victor the spoils

Whilst at work today, I received a phone call from Our Lass. In what I could only describe as a highly excitable state, she informed me that we had a Snipe actually IN the garden. Not over the road, not in the neighbouring paddock, not flying overhead, but in the garden. Wowser!

After so many wadery close calls during the last year, it's good to finally have the garden (ok, wilderness) christened by The Bill. It's just a shame I wasn't there, too :o(

When I finally returned home, Our Lass dropped the next bombshell... she had caught the moment on camera for posterity. My camera!

Just look at that cute russet-coloured tail... and at the business end, a view of one of the nostrils or nares. 

My only contribution to this whole endeavour was cleaning the windows last week.

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