Sunday 31 August 2014

Waste not, want not

Yesterday, dear put-upon reader, I began a blog post with a bit of a whinge about a temporary lack of mains water at OTT. It was only a bijou rantette and I'd hoped you wouldn't overly notice.

Y' see, we do not have a cold water storage tank at OTT, mains water is fed directly to the cold taps and we live near the top of a low hill. So any loss of pressure following a burst pipe in the area and we're one of the first households to be affected. The mitigation is that we keep a supply of bottled water handy for drinking and washing, whilst using the waste washing water to flush the lavatory.

It certainly makes you realise just how much we all seem to take a plentiful supply of clean water for granted. It's important stuff as, let's face it, by volume, it is the main ingredient in a cup of tea.

But then, what of all the empty plastic bottles?

Well, at the moment, Our Lass is busy propagating cuttings of all manner of leafy things. With the bases removed the 5 litre bottles are just the ticket for hot-housing on the windowsill.

And I'm pondering if I can create a row of mini cloches for the garden. There's just the small problem of the wind speed to consider...


Martin said...

Flexible cloches neatly packed into a low dry-stone frame?..

Imperfect and Tense said...

It's a thought!