Wednesday 27 August 2014

North Ron trip 23-24 August 2014, Part 1

I wanted to give Our Lass a special treat for our wedding anniversary, so was considering an overnight stay with half board at an Orkney hotel. A bit of research, earlier in the week, had narrowed down the choices to either the Foveran (a good 'restaurant with rooms' sort of place) or the Bird Observatory on North Ronaldsay.

As it turned out, even with return flights, the Bird Obs was the better deal, and I knew for a fact that Our Lass would appreciate some quality tiny island time. Then I checked the meteorology (a prudent course of action in these parts) and noticed that going a week early would give us some absolutely peachy weather.

So last weekend, off we went to North Ron. I should add that, due to work commitments, the only flight I could make on Saturday afternoon was the 16.00, which only had one seat available. I took a risk, booked Our Lass on the previous flight and promised that I wouldn't miss mine, as spending an anniversary weekend apart wouldn't have been the most romantic of situations!

Fortunately, all went according to plan, and we spent a wonderful twenty four hours on North Ronaldsay. Big blue skies, scudding white clouds, azure seas, white sandy beaches, dry stane dykes, rugged coastal scenery [happy sigh].

What speed limit?
Dry stane dyke at Bridesness

A dreamy South Bay

Following the clowgang, the sheep track outside the perimeter wall

Cloudscape from South Bay

Scattered memories of bygone times

Gretchen Loch

A fond farewell, as we fly past the lighthouse and old beacon


Martin said...

Very pretty, I assume the island school is mobile and therefore the only thing restricted to child-safe speeds..?

Imperfect and Tense said...

No, there actually is a stationary school. Though I think that this year, it's down to one pupil :o(