Tuesday 4 February 2014

TT2 - Day 2

Late yesterday afternoon, we finally received the great news that our house purchase had completed satisfactorily. A mad dash ensued, across the Barriers and up to Kirkwall, to collect the keys, before the solicitor's office closed for the day.

So it was dark by the time that Our Lass and I were able to rendezvous at Tense Towers 2 and explore the, as yet, blank canvas that will be the backdrop to our future in Orkney.

Today I was able to carry out a few shakedown checks and some snagging, before Our Lass flew back to Mainland from a day spent on a nearby island. As TT2 is near the top of a low hill, it means that it has unlimited access to the Orcadian weather. It is also located close to a farm, so there's an amount of 'agricultural' aromas on offer, too. Perhaps those gale force winds will be useful, after all!

However, it was most pleasant to be on site for our first TT2 sunset.

I am looking forward to monitoring the sun as it edges northwards along the western horizon, on the way to Midsummer, before creeping back again through the Autumn.

This is the view from our front door, looking across Barrier Number 1 and Scapa Flow, towards Hoy.


Martin said...

May your house be warm, the weather kind, and many happy new memories be formed in your new home.
The potential for big skies is already clear, but I could see a series of photographs across the horizon making a good panorama too at the right time of day.
Good luck to you both.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Thanks for your kind words, Martin. I keep wondering about panoramas but, as yet, haven't found enough sandbags to keep the tripod steady :o)

Martin said...

A clean window, very wrong len, and slippers?
Or an open front door, but all the others closed so there isn't a gale funnelled through?
I guess it depends if you would stitch them together afterwards..? The other way would be a high res image such as the above, cropped heavily top and bottom, but you'd lose the lovely blue colours ;)
(These were all cropped - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=41563672678&l=182078ce30)

Sian said...

Fantastic News!! May your lum always reek ;-) (Translation before you panic - may your chimney always smoke - which means you always have fuel for your fire...well OK oil for heating!). Look forward to hearing of life in your new home!! And do you have any fingernails left?

Imperfect and Tense said...

Dear Sian, funny you should say that... (to be continued).