Sunday 23 February 2014

And the Anser is... ?

I think the last three months have finally caught up with me. All that packing and unpacking, moving and moving again, house husbandly duties and work to find. I ache all over and my head is pounding. To be fair, that last symptom may well be related to my first beer in ages and the inevitable one pint hangover.

The one positive note this morning was a flock of about 250 Greylag Geese in the field over the road.

Though my eyes didn't appreciate the thought, I made them scan the flock with binoculars, just in case there was a straggler of another species loitering within the group. After several left to right and right to left passes, I eventually spotted a solitary Pink-footed Goose grazing with the Greylags.

There was a lot of traffic (for here!) using the road, as the local church service was about to begin. The geese were pretty jumpy because of this and even just gently opening our front door, a proportion of the flock took to the air. I did manage this image with my phone though.

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