Monday 2 September 2013

Summer revels on the Somerset Levels

A while ago, Our Lass remarked that she'd never visited the Somerset Levels, so where did we end up for our anniversary weekend this year?

Cairngorm Westhay, deep in the Levels and surrounded by nature reserves. What a downer!

Whilst we were discussing which wildlife haven to explore first, our landlord appeared and informed us that he'd just been watching an Osprey at Ashcott Corner, turns up every year at this time. Er... decision made!

An hour later, after tramping our way around various bits of RSPB Ham Wall and seeing many butterflies and odes (but no Ospreys), we sat down on a conveniently-positioned bench by one of the reedbeds. We'd been there for less than a minute when a young Mink snuffled its way along the path in front of us, turned sharp left and disappeared into the undergrowth. We weren't even sure it had seen us.

So gob-smackingly amazed were we by this turn of events, that we almost missed a large bird sailing overhead...

As the day warmed up, there were even more dragons and damsels on the wing. In fact, it was time for the Dragon Whisperer to put in an appearance.

As well as Common Darters, there were also Ruddy Darters,

Brown Hawkers,

and Migrant Hawkers.

One particular Migrant was feasting upon an unfortunate damselfly,

which just doesn't seem like cricket to me.

Still, no regrets...

but plenty of these...

a pair each of Great White and Little Egrets.

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