Sunday, 22 September 2013

Odonata Tensica 6

Having blithely assumed that Odonata Tensica 5 was likely to be the last post on the subject, for this flight season and for this house, I'm going to tentatively suggest that perhaps this is actually the final offering.

Sure, there's still dragons on the wing, but opportunities to observe them are becoming fewer and farther between, due to the constraints imposed by the upcoming move and the Autumnal weather (by the way, Happy Equinox/Mabon, folks).

Therefore, it was a doubly pleasant surprise, on Friday evening, when JD arrived bearing a gift. He admitted that it was a bit early for my birthday, but wasn't sure that we'd have the opportunity to meet up betwixt then and now, so here it is.

I was handed a bag that was much heavier than anticipated. Intrigued, I peeped inside, to discover a dragonfly sculpture made from recycled metal. Careful analysis revealed, amongst other things, the business ends of a hand trowel and fork.

I was thrilled to receive such a unique artwork, not only for its subject, but also for the re-use of materials in such an innovative way.

It was immediately installed in pride of place on the stone at the shallow end of the pond, where it looked right at home mimicking the 'obelisking' behaviour of the Common Darters that frequent our small water body.

Many, many thanks, JD!

Early next morning, as Our Lass and I breakfasted, the question arose of whether the local wildlife would take to such an art installation, slap bang on the shores of their favourite drinking hole and bathing spot.

We needn't have worried.

That'll be a Yes, then.

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