Sunday 29 September 2013

Onwards and upwards

What with the upcoming move, the consensus over breakfast this morning was that today was the day to venture skywards. By this I mean explore the accumulated detritus stored in the attic, rather than anything vaguely aeronautical.

Second Born needed to sort out several boxes that had been stored up there, possibly from pre-university days, so it was going to be a gentle jog down Memory Lane.

I am sure that our loft is no different to that in a million other homes across the land, where it would appear that the officer in charge of the space is Captain Clutter.

As can be expected in a household that firmly adheres to the mantra of 'it'll come in handy one day', there was an awful lot of... well... just... stuff: boxes of jigsaws; bags full of curtains that are much too nice to be chucked out but don't match anything at Tense Towers; an old computer; toys from childhood (First and Second Born's, as well as Our Lass's and mine!); sports trophies that aren't allowed to see the light of day; and, clothes from a life that seems a world away but is as close as a warm, fond memory.

Boxes were unpacked and repacked, bags were reorganised, several snorts of derision saw items quickly despatched to the boot of the car for a swift journey to the recycling centre. Various piles appeared, notionally labelled 'For Oxfam', 'For someone at work' and 'This needs more discussion'. Slowly, almost inexorably, a few spaces appeared amongst the jumble and we finally had room to allocate an area for each family member.

Having spent the previous day in the office/study packing books into boxes (fifteen and counting), what I didn't want to discover was a suitcase crammed full of my father's books. Oops.

On a nature note, whilst in the loft space, I did hear a Buzzard calling overhead, plus the accompanying raucous complaints of the local Carrion Crows as they saw off the intruder. But the attic itself was mercifully free of wasps, bees, velociraptors, squirrels, starlings and bats. Though I suspect that any of those creatures would be tidier than us humans.


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Hmm, you get many velociraptors in your area? This is already getting me anxious for the day when we will eventually move. As anti-stuff as we are, it does seem to accumulate. Do you know what a garage sale is, or is that strictly a US custom?

Imperfect and Tense said...

The odd one, now and again ;o)
Garage sales seem to have been replaced by car boot sales over here. But the TT crew tend to recycle via charity shops, rather than join all the shenanigans in a crowded field at early o'clock on a weekend morning.

Anonymous said...

Can you come and help me sort ours out?
Cpt. Sundial and SWMBO

Imperfect and Tense said...

I think that's probably the responsibility of you two and Mrs Gatty. Though I am intrigued at the thought of seeing a snapshot of Time.