Thursday 26 March 2020

Quacking weather

Our Lass and I had only walked around the local kirk circuit a short time ago, but what a change in the intervening few days. Non-human changes, that is.

Where, on Sunday, we struggled to see a Coltsfoot in flower, yesterday there were verges teeming with them. And there was a hardly a breath of wind, so photography was possible. 

The Lesser Celandines have been out for a while, but looking very battered and bruised due to the equinoctial winds and lashing rain. So, again, it was lovely to find pristine examples.

As it was such a glorious afternoon, and because we're all having to stay at home, it is difficult to synchronise one's daily allotted exercise with the rest of the parish. Cue much social-distancing malarkey and a busier (though not exactly crowded) amble.

Behind the old kirk, there is a flooded field, and we took the opportunity to use the kirk boundary wall as cover to look at the wildfowl gathered there.

Gadwall, Shoveler, Shelduck and Teal

Shoveler and Shelduck

Teal dabbling (those gold triangles are a dead giveaway)

Teal and Mallard
Today it is very sunny and I've even had all the windows open! The Met Office are predicting 9 degrees C, feeling like 6 degrees C. So not quite shorts and sandals weather just yet!

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