Sunday 2 June 2019

Positive empression

The day after the cathedral tour, I was helping out Eagle-eyed M with a recce of a walking route for her new venture as a wildlife guide. Above, is a scenic shot of Mull Head in Deerness, taken from the promontory of the Brough of Deerness. OK, if you've been paying attention, you may be able to see that Mull Head is composed of red sandstone, whilst the cliffs a little further south are yellow sandstone. I had not previously noticed the two strata located together anywhere in Orkney, but what with the cathedral fresh in my mind and the lovely light of a Spring morning, this view just jumped out at me.

I think this is a Moss Carder Bee feeding on a Dog Violet

The collapsed sea cave known as The Gloup

A Green-veined White butterfly feeding on Thrift flowers

A carpet of clifftop Spring Squill, with another view of Mull Head in the background

A recently-emerged female Emperor moth
Having sorted out my camera gremlins, I was rather chuffed with my first sighting of a stationary adult moth of this species, rather than the ones which hammer past at Mach 3 (presumably male) en route to a date.

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