Sunday 11 March 2018

A walk on the wild Lyde

This weekend we're cat sitting for friends who have journeyed south for a family celebration. Milly, their kitten, is a house cat, so rather than her come to us, we're spending time with her in West Mainland. Hopefully, the entertainment value of the encounter is equally shared between Our Lass, Milly and myself.

Ironically, Saturday began with a pair of sun dogs. This is the view eastwards from the top of the Lyde Road, looking across to Kirkwall Bay.

This house is situated conveniently close to the RSPB reserve at Cottascarth, so after the morning frost had disappeared, we made a short trip up to the hide in the hope of a glimpse of a Hen Harrier.

Unfortunately, we weren't in luck, with only a pair of Ravens to show for our efforts, but back at Milly's, we had a fortuitous encounter with a Buzzard.

Sunday is the wrong side of dreich, so we're channelling the spirit of Milly and being house humans. At some point in the future, I will blog about my thoughts regarding pets, a possibly contentious subject and one about which I have quite mixed feelings.


Mark said...

Look forward to that Mr Tense. Cats make me laugh. Its interesting to see how flustered and irate humans get when they defacate in other peoples gardens.They're Cats for Petes sake. What are you going to do, put it on the 'naughty step'!

Regards, Mark.

Imperfect and Tense said...

I suspect that the scenario you've described may put in an appearance at some point :o)