Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Stuff On My Phone (10)

After the comparative 'highs' of yesterday's mountains, it seemed apt to feature a tune on a similar theme for the latest SOMP blogpost. Admittedly, I may have peaked too soon.

Here's Joe Bonamassa's 'Mountain Time', admittedly not the actual version on my phone, but a more nuanced, extended live version recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London in 2009.

This track does indeed 'take me somewhere' and 'it's good to be there'. Cue wibbly wobbly lines as we travel back in time to 1982...

In my younger days, I courted a girl who was living on the English Channel coast, adjacent to the South Downs (I could never understand why they were called Downs, when you patently had to walk UP them). Anyway, my 'drive all night' was therefore 'south on 23', rather than 'west on 80'. This young woman did 'live free and easy', 'show me wonders' and 'take my mind', on account of having a very different upbringing to the one I had experienced. What chance did a boy from County Durham stand, eh?

And it's probably a given that regular readers will know 'I hate the city and I love the country', so no surprises there.

However, the lady in question was certainly as wild as eagles and as sweet as honeysuckle, and she still is (especially as she's reading this over my shoulder).


Mark said...

Wow you mean that girl was Mrs Tense?

Imperfect and Tense said...

Yup. And blogpost updated to include Miss Wild and Sweet.

Mark said...

Wompum!You must have been married for over 30 years. And you still look very happy together.'Love is a never ending journey' regards, Mark.