Sunday 12 November 2017

Stuff On My Phone (6)

I've probably mentioned before that the song list on my phone has one quirky rule... no artist can feature more than once. This paints me into a bit of a corner if a band has several tracks I like or, as in this case, several albums' worth of tracks that I adore. Yep, for those big movers in the Tense Towers CD shelves, it's a whole other order of difficulty to choose just one song. Often, I will opt for a track that wouldn't be my usual first or second choice but is, instead, a song that best captures the spirit of the band or artist. To my ears, anyway.

As this has been a weekend of remembrance for the fallen in too many wars, and as the thought takes a hold in national consciousnesses that all death in war, both military and civilian should be remembered, my choice of Rush track will perhaps not be too much of a surprise.

Coincidentally, and bringing things right up to date, as I type, Second Born is actually in China on a work assignment.

'Territories', by Rush, is from their 1985 'Power Windows' album. The lyrics resonate through the centuries. One day I hope they will be unnecessary.


Mark said...

Good morning Mr Tense. I marvel at those lyrics, how does Mr Peart find not only just the right words but they also rhyme!? I dont have that album I put Rush on ice after 'signals' but in recent years I've come to realize there is immense quality in all the back catalogue.

Stuff on my phone is turning out to be an intereting series, I might do a blog called 'stuff in our false roof'!:)

toodles, Mark.

Imperfect and Tense said...

It is odd. 'Stuff...' was only ever going to be a filler for a temporary lack of muse (as opposed to Muse), or a quick blogpost if the weather was rubbish and I couldn't find any wildlife to write about. It is proving, for me at least, a form of mindfulness, in mining the memories of multimedia.