Friday 13 January 2017

Flock wallpaper

This morning I was sat in the lounge, looking out at the world and rather glad that I was unable to work due to the weather. Despite the gale blowing in from the north west, a flock of Rooks appeared out of the northern sky and, seemingly oblivious to the gusty conditions, landed in the stubble field across the road. Barely acknowledging the wind, they had the good grace to approach sideways, bank to the right and descend in a smooth arc to the cold ground and whatever they could forage.

I scanned the flock with my bins, but couldn't spot any Jackdaws mixed in with the Rooks, though several Skylarks flew through my gaze. Whilst I couldn't see the whole flock due to the contours of the field, there were well over a hundred birds, hungrily marching through the stubble and looking for food.

After ten minutes or so, they were spooked by passing vehicles, and took to the air once more, cutting through the wind as the headed back north.

Apologies, our windows aren't clean, and there was no way I was going outside to take a clearer photo.

Big flocks of Rooks are a Winter treat here at Tense Towers. A seasonal gift of chatty corvids to lift the spirits of a bitterly cold day.


Spadger said...

Indeed Mr W those little black spots across the window must be so annoying!

Imperfect and Tense said...

Only in the summer when they're midges :o(

Spadger said...

ha! ha!