Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Where the wild things aren't

In the Spring, I had high hopes of turning an area of our garden, known as the wildlife triangle, into a colourful and thriving patch of wild flowers. You may recall that things didn't go according to plan, see here and here.

Fast forward four months to the present, the area is still undoubtedly very triangular and, technically, does contain wild flowers. It is just that they are of the dock, thistle and nettle persuasion, rather than the cornfield annuals which I had envisaged.

There's also some mystery brassica/crucifer in there too, which is at least popular with moths, butterflies, hoverflies and Greenfinches.

So, all in all, not an unqualified success.

As I mowed the lawn this morning, I noticed that there was a very architectural Hogweed at the top corner of the triangle, which I suspect Our Lass will have designs upon for decorative purposes.

And then, at the opposite end of the triangle, amidst some rampant grasses...

I noticed two small splashes of colour...

Corn Cockle! Yay!

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