Saturday 23 April 2016

Good things come in small packages

For an ostensibly wildlife blog, this post will push the boundaries of tenuousness (I so wanted to write 'tenuosity, but apparently not).

Today, the postman delivered two packages, which was nice as I was only expecting one. The much-anticipated parcel was from Emorsgate Seeds, bringing 100g of wild flower potentiality to this windswept isle. That's enough for 50 square metres. Yay! The second box was a complete mystery. It had my name on it, but I hadn't ordered anything else online. How very odd.

Our Lass was out, so I couldn't ask her if she knew anything about it.

It was a small box, not very heavy, but laden with much intrigue. I stared at it for a lot longer than was strictly necessary, but having discounted the possibility of a letter bomb campaign from some extremely right wing English language movement who objected to my careless use of unknown words, I opened it.

Inside were a further two smaller boxes...

Oh be still, my beating heart!

Further investigation revealed a pair of cufflinks in each box. Someone knew I was a little light in the wrist adornment department. Not any more!

When Our Lass returned, she was as baffled as I was (so, not a love token from the girl of my dreams, then. Hmmm). Puzzled, but in a good way, I resorted to Whatsapp to quiz the Two Ones about the mystery.


Sian said...

Now you just need an occasion to wear them! Can I have bramble ear-rings!

Unknown said...

Sian, I've ordered some to be delivered to Starafea, so if you ask nicely maybe the good Walkers will bring them to you :)

Spadger said...


Imperfect and Tense said...

Are you after ear rings too, JD?