Sunday 14 February 2016

Watching the detectives

We have been looking forward to one evening a week for the last month or so, tuning into BBC1 and indulging in the latest series of a police drama.

It ticks all the boxes for us:

A remote island location     Check!

A detective inspector with his head and heart in the right place     Check!

But who is unlucky in love     Check!

He has a slightly uneasy relationship with his boss     Check!

There's some stunning scenery     Check!

There is a female detective sergeant     Check!

One of the local constables is in a new relationship     Check!

The local music is infectious     Check!

I'm not sure that I could hack the weather     er... check?

So, it must be Jimmy Perez, Tosh, Sandy, the Procurator Fiscal and Shetland, aye?

Give over, it's Death in Paradise...

Humphrey, Florence, JP, the Commissioner and Saint Marie!

And Shetland is on the following night! Yay!


Spadger said...

It cannae do a loot fir the tourist trade with all them murrderrs on such a small island! :0)

Imperfect and Tense said...

If it wasn't for the constant stream of TV production crews visiting, I don't know how the hotel trade would manage.