Thursday 30 April 2015

Festival frolics

A couple of weekends ago, Our Lass and I attended the inaugural GlastonBurray Festival. The more observant amongst you will have noticed that this isn't the big annual music event in Somerset, but a rather somewhat smaller gig, arranged to raise funds for the Burray School Playground and Community Hall.

The action took place in the Burray Hall and featured ten local bands/artists through the evening. It really is incredible how many gifted musicians live in these islands.

As well as organising the festival, main man Douglas Montgomery also found time to play in four of the bands: Saltfishforty; the Silver Penguins; The Chair, and Rocker. Other acts featured were: Jenny Hall, the Andy Taylor Group, Charlie Wallhead, Those Boys, Electric Mother and Bad Apple.

It was a cracking night of music and mirth, featuring many genres, from folk to metal and everything in between.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was some bloke in a hat, who changed his rock-themed t-shirts between each act, and bore an uncanny resemblance to our local MSP.

Let's rock!
Set list in the corner of the hall, along with the mixing desk

Saltfishforty kicked off the evening (the second song was 'A ring on her hand', so I was ecstatic)
The stonking, stomping sound of The Chair
AC/DC appreciation band, Rocker. And Laura carries off the Bon Scott vocals brilliantly 
In the above photo, note the brown-hatted MC MSP on the far left. He's a bit more towards the centre with his day job.

I wonder if this will become a regular feature of the Orcadian musical calendar?


Martin said...

That sounds like a fantastic day with many wins. There are several other musicians I can think of who could also have played, so future years could mix up the set list too.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Yes indeedy!