Sunday 12 April 2015

Famous last words

"...we have had a few sunny and warm days, tentatively suggesting that good times are on their way."

Why oh why did I type that yesterday?

The weather has been rather bruising today, the sky being either black or blue. If there were tasks to complete outdoors, it was a day for nipping out between showers of driving rain, sleet and hail.

Newborn lambs and calves must be thinking "Hmmm, I didn't sign up for THIS!"


biobabbler said...

As we learned watching "ER" if they say, "Oh, he'll be fine" he's soon circling the drain. =)

Best of luck. I kinda like when Mother Nature says, "Yeah, you think so?!? Well, check THIS out..."


Imperfect and Tense said...

She certainly deserves more respect than she usually receives.

Some days, our Government's environmental policy feels more like 'Scrubs' than 'ER'.

Martin said...

The latitudinal differences can be dramatic too. Travelling from 'winter' on Skye a week ago to 'warm Spring' in London has been fascinating. The differences in vegetation, greenness, the number of birds courting, nesting, or even rearing chicks have all been stark. Maybe I should move North or gain altitude with the onset of Spring to take advantage of this.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Aye, that was one of the reasons why we used to holiday in Orkney in late June/early July. An extended Spring is a real treat.