Wednesday 18 June 2014

Static electricity

About mid-month, I receive bank and credit card statements, so spend a pleasant half hour of an evening ploughing through these and a pile of receipts, attempting to reconcile the whole shebang.

Much tippetty tapping ensues on the computer keyboard, an occasional frown crosses my visage when things don't add up and, as happened this evening, complete befuddlement occurs when something odd crops up.

We haven't paid for any electricity for two whole months... not a bean... narda... £0.00.

Now that's a tariff to savour.

'Cept it'll all end in tears, of course. So I sent a chatty email to the company who I thought were my energy provider and I'm now waiting for an electronic reply, or an urgent knocking at the door, or a loud "Ker chung!" as all power to OTT is shut dow


Ruth Walker said...

...hello?...who turned the lights off...are you there?...

holdingmoments said...

A good time to move further up the road then.

Martin said...

Well as long as you have been putting all your spare funds into a 'windy-day fund', rather than spending what you would have spent each month on electric all should be fine. In fact you are gaining the interest and not the electric company :)

Imperfect and Tense said...

LOL, Martin, I like the idea of saving for a 'windy day'.

Keep on running, eh, Keith? Cue Spencer Davis Group!

Yo, Rufus T Ruffington, still here, never fear :o)

biobabbler said...

Clever little ending, you scamp.
(I've always wanted to call someone that.)

Hope the flow of electrons continues in your general direction. We are all electrically powered, eh?

Imperfect and Tense said...

bb, yes I am, and indeed we are.

Figures bandied about over here suggest that Orkney produces more than 100% of its electricity requirements from renewable sources (through a technique known as Active Network Management). What is lacking is the necessary infrastructure back to mainland Scotland to make best use of this extra capacity.