Tuesday 24 June 2014


I've been having problems with Blogger for a few days, but couldn't figure out where I'd gone wrong, let alone how to correct my error.

So my sincere apologies to a few of my fellow bloggers, who had to suffer a bit of a rant as I unloaded my frustration onto the page. Sorry, people :o(

The reading list of blogs that I follow normally shows the latest 30 or so posts. Of late it only showed 1, and although it offered a 'View more' button, this was not functioning. I searched high and low for some spurious check box that I must've accidentally activated, but without any success.

This has meant that posts from bloggers that I'm following have been published but I don't have a ready means of knowing that, unless I happen to log on whilst their post is still the latest one to appear.

It turns out that it's a known issue with Blogger, not a Tense fubar.

I guess it's probably best if I just chill now and wait for the cavalry.

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