Monday 20 May 2013

The Light Brigade had it easy

A pleasantly warm Sunday delivered another species of ode on the wing, in the form of several Common Blue Damselflies. Now that the flight season has kicked off for the jewelled matchsticks of the insect world, it was anticipated that there would be a slight lessening in the grumpiness of Yours Truly.


This is the view that greeted me when I returned home to Tense Towers this evening and went to look at the pond for signs of damselfly emergence.

That lush greenery is one of the favoured emergence sites for the larvae, always presuming that they've been able to avoid the shoals of newts patrolling the inky depths.

So, as a new recruit to the air breathing fraternity, you probably wouldn't want to find a frog sitting on the surface, in the midst of the party, waiting to pick off any unsuspecting individual as he or she struggles out of their diving gear and into a flying suit.

It's just not cricket.

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