Monday 27 May 2013

Progress of sorts

Odonata numbers have crept up this weekend. 

At HESC, we now have six species on the wing:

Azure damselfly
Large Red damselfly
Common Blue damselfly
Red-eyed damselfly
Broad-bodied Chaser
Hairy dragonfly

Female Hairy dragonfly


holdingmoments said...

It's all kicking off now.
I'll have to get myself a permit thing, and get down there.

Imperfect and Tense said...

Or try the Open Sundays, 10am to 4pm (3rd Sunday of every month). Entry is free, but refreshments are extra :o)

Katie (Nature ID) said...

This is good progress. I wish I were better at my on-the-wing dragon ID, since I can rarely catch them with a camera. We've had extraordinary numbers of dragonflies here this year, even flying right over the Monterey Bay shoreline, which I don't ever recall seeing before. Let see, there's a big bold blue one with stripes, a big bold blue one without stripes, and a red one with darker area on the wings close to the body. I should look these up...