Thursday 2 June 2011

The Time Traveller's Whiff

"All those keeping up with their blogging schedule, one pace forward... Tense, where do you think YOU'RE going?"

Yes, it's true, I'm somewhat behind with my posts and will probably require the services of a time machine to recover lost ground.

So, let's see... last Saturday's probably a good bet, [fiddles with controls as lights flash, alarms sound and an electrical burning smell heralds a temporal malfunction that will definitely require some Time to sort].

The Tense Towers Team headed off to Norfolk for the long weekend at the end of May, ostensibly to celebrate Our Lass's upcoming birthday, but with hopes of seeing a few new species of flora and fauna.

Leaving MK at early o'clock, we were ensconced in a tea shop by Ranworth Broad well before elevenses and peering out of the window at a small boat edging towards the jetty. Out steps a chap, who proceeded to erect a sandwich board advertising boat trips around the nearby Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve. The sky was overcast, a chilly breeze whistled across the water and clouds threatened to rain on everyone's parade.

As no-one else was about, the three of us took up the offer of a circuit around the Broad, in the company of a knowledgeable guide and his electric craft. Due to the weather, butterflies and dragonflies would be in short supply, so we busied ourselves spotting a few of the bird species to be found in this aquatic environment. Great Crested Grebes with their stripey humbug youngsters, Common Terns, Marsh Harrier and Cetti's Warbler. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but good to see from a different perspective, out on the water.

Suddenly, our guide pointed ahead, where a large raptor was flying towards us. Bins and cameras whirled around to view an Osprey, carrying a half-eaten fish. This was an unexpected surprise and certainly kick-started our weekend!

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