Thursday, 6 August 2020

Check his underwear!

Remember this rather worn and drab moth from the previous post which I found on the wall of Tense Towers? Well, the county Lepidoptera recorder for Orkney persevered with it, asked for more and better photos (I could only provide more and worse ones), then he called in help from another expert, and they have come up with an ID.

It's a male Satin Beauty Deileptenia ribeata. This is the first record of the species in Orkney. As they say around here, I am some chuffed. 


Mark said...

Wow that's incredible, well done - which brings me on to my next has just gone live.Once again a Dragonfly poem has been dedicated to you!!!I've included several shots of Dragons, Moths and Butterflies(I would have posted more but I've been having problems with Blogger) One or two of my id's could be wrong, so if you wouldn't mind correcting me before I put it out to the general blogosphere. Oh almost forgot having been in the Military I thought you might like 'A Bothy Tale'. It always makes me laugh - toodlez, Marky.

Imperfect and Tense said...

I struggle with moths, I really do. Fortunately, there's a good community of local moth-ers here who are willing to help out duffers like me. Your list of butterflies and moths is impressive, there's several I've not heard of there! Thank you for the dedication.