Sunday, 17 November 2019

Always with the weather

I have raided my Facebook feed for the last few weeks, to come up with a few images which haven't made it to the blogosphere as yet.

At the beginning of the month, Our Lass's two sisters visited for a long weekend. The ladies booked themselves into a cottage on the harbour front in Stromness and proceeded to concentrate on swearing about the weather (they'd landed in a gale) and demolishing Orkney's gin stock.

At Sheila Fleet Jewellery in Tankerness

At the Lynnfield Hotel, Kirkwall
Meantime, I was at home making the acquaintance of several crane flies who were braving said weather and clinging to which ever surface they could find.

Earlier this week, I had to attend a training course in Galashiels, so flew into Edinburgh one evening, before staying over at a hotel near the training venue. As I had arrived in the dark, and the course began at 8.30 next morning, there wasn't much opportunity to go wildlife watching. However, the loo in my accommodation more than made up for that!

It was lovely to experience a bit of Autumn colour and a crisp calm morning. The icing on the cake was a Nuthatch heard as I ventured outside.

Back home, the following morning, and facing away from the dawn, a setting Moon descended towards candy-floss clouds. It mightn't have been fun, but it was fair.

Unlike later in the day, when hail showers powered through on a northerly breeze. Fortunately, the day's installation was on a southerly gable, so I was neatly sheltered from the worst excesses of little icy bullets.

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