Saturday 6 July 2019

A cunning plan with one small flaw

I had been rather looking forward to a bit of quality dragon time, yet here we were, five days into the holiday and not the merest sniff of a big ode. To be fair, the weather didn't lend itself to the occasion and I gazed wistfully at the forecast, trying to spot a couple of hours of warmth that might tempt a dragonfly into the air. The hottest day of the week was going to be Wednesday, but we had a funeral to attend that day, so I was just going to have to take my chances. We were keen to revisit a set of pools on a hill in Glen Lyon, and ever the optimist, I convinced myself that the cooler conditions would actually help, as any ode we found would be less energetic and more photographable in such circumstances.

Our departure on the trip was delayed by a family of Redstarts, a pair of adults feeding three or four young, not far from the cottage's garden. 

Eventually, however, we set off, winding our way along the narrow road which runs up the glen, and arriving at the local Post Office/village shop/tearoom just as lunchtime hove into view. Quelle surprise.

After a hearty soup and sandwiches combo, I was settling the bill and having a conversation with the owner, when she mentioned that the route we were intending to walk was through an area of forest which was being felled. O-oh! So much for my plan. This forced a quick rethink, and we opted to walk on the other, pondless, side of the valley, rather than waste the trip.

As we wound our way higher, through blocks of coniferous and deciduous planting, there were views up and down the glen. But it wasn't until we were in a more mixed and varied habitat that we began to see and hear more wildlife.

A female Northern Eggar moth

A Slow-worm
On the drive back down the glen, we spotted a view which neither of us recalled seeing before. Across the River Lyon, on the opposite hillside, was a series of waterfalls and a rather picturesque old bridge.

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