Thursday 5 October 2017

A relaxing Saturday

Following our wanderings all around the Loddon area on Friday, the next day was a much more sedate affair. Once again, we left the car to its own devices and bimbled about in the immediate vicinity of the cottage.

Sisland has a lovely wee church, some of its structure dating from the 12th-13th Century. We walked around the graveyard, browsed the historical literature in the... whatever the religious equivalent of the foyer is, and then looked around the interior of the church.

As it still wasn't lunchtime yet, we walked a small loop through fields to the north of Sisland.

With a small diversion for a 4G moment.

During the afternoon, we sat and read, just read. I felt hugely guilty that we weren't 'doing anything', until I realised that on holiday it is ok to just 'be' and relax.

However, at 4pm, everything stopped for tea.

This kind of tea...

If 'doing something' is required, I can heartily recommend this particular pastime.


Spadger said...

She ate all of them! OMG!

Imperfect and Tense said...

We needed a doggie bag for the last few cakes!