Sunday 20 August 2017

Shedding tears of joy

Following the success of a second knee operation and her subsequent physiotherapy-filled recuperation, Our Lass decided that the endpoint of her convalescence needed marking in some small way. After several microseconds of thought, it was decided that the purchase of a garden shed would be a good way to celebrate the return of positive perambulation.

Cunningly, Our Lass had scoped out a suitable shed during a local gardening show in May, so all that was now necessary was to decide where to locate it and place an order.

The most appropriate site appeared to be in the lee of the house, offering protection from westerly gales, and not too far from the back door to the garage. The only down side of this plan was that our rotary airer would need to move. We measured out a suitable new site for the airer (see left hand pile of old carpets and tyres) and then tried to shift the airer pole. It didn't budge an inch, no matter what the instructions said about it being possible to remove it from its ground socket and relocate to a new socket (already ordered over the internet). We decided to see if the shed supplier/installer had better ideas or heavier tools to shift the pole.

Installation day arrived, as did an afternoon of persistent rain, and play was suspended for the day without much progress.

The following day brought more benign weather and, in the late afternoon, we returned from work to discover the new shed fitted in position. The airer pole had to be dug out, and its relocation has zoomed to the top of the 'To Do' list.

Our Lass set about moving in to the shed, and I set about tidying the garage as the horticultural paraphernalia was removed. A bit of a win/win scenario, I guess.


Anonymous said...

potting shed? soon to be a true man shed i hope
Cpt. Sundial

Imperfect and Tense said...

CS, This shed is purely for the fragrant and horticultural half of the relationship. I have no truck with keeping tame flowers in captivity!

Spadger said...

I can't wait for future bloggs:

'This weekend was spent retrieving the potting shed from five fields away'

'This morning I woke to find the shed roof had planted itself through the garage window' .....

Or did it come supplied with steel anchor points attached to cubic metre lumps of concrete which had to be buried in the ground prior to erection?

Actually, looking at the anchor pegs, I've had a cunning idea that would strengthen protection from the above and add an extra horticultural enhancement to the shed!

Imperfect and Tense said...

Yo, Spadge, you are not wrong. I am contemplating the installation of lashing points and big lumps of concrete, or the creation of a wind break to disrupt those inbound south easterlies.